Please note that the app described in this document is no longer supported by Yubico. It is recommended that you use FIDO U2F for Salesforce instead.

This document describes how to use the YubiKey for Salesforce app. The YubiKey for Salesforce application takes advantage of the Login Flows architecture to enable the YubiKey as a second-factor authentication requirement for users. The YubiKey requirement can be applied to specific subsets of critical accounts, such as system administrators, or to everyone with an account, and modified as requirements change.

Date Published: July, 2016

Applies To: YubiKey 4, YubiKey 4 Nano, YubiKey 4C, YubiKey NEO, YubiKey NEO-n, YubiKey Standard, YubiKey Nano

Download: YubiKey for Salesforce Admin Guide

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