Congratulations, you have an NFC-enabled U2F YubiKey! So how do you set it up to protect your Facebook account? Follow these instructions and you’ll be protected with the simplicity of YubiKey two-factor authentication in no time!


  • Smartphone running Android OS with NFC enabled
  • Latest version of Google Chrome browser
  • Latest version of Google Authenticator
  • A YubiKey NEO*
  • A Facebook account

*YubiKey NEO for NFC requires firmware version 3.4.6 or later (available since October 2015)

Logging in to Your Facebook Account on an Android Device

Logging in to your Facebook account with your YubiKey NEO is refreshingly simple.

  1. Ensure you have added your YubiKey NEO to your Facebook account following these instructions, and that you have enabled two-factor authentication.
  2. On your Android device, open Google Chrome, and log in to Facebook using your username and password. The Google Authenticator app opens.
  3. You may see the message Preparing Security Key data, wait a short amount of time (this message usually appears only the first time when you use your YubiKey NEO). When you see the message Touch & hold, hold your YubiKey NEO against the NFC antenna on your phone.
    • If Google Authenticator is not communicating with your YubiKey NEO, you may need to confirm you’re holding the device in the proper location against your phone. For more information, see the documentation for your phone.
  4. After the authentication process has completed, make sure you select Don’t Save, and then tap Continue. If you leave the default setting of Save Browser, you will not be asked to authenticate with your YubiKey NEO on this browser again (depending on your settings in Google Chrome).

Congratulations! You can now log in to Facebook on your Android device using your YubiKey NEO with NFC enabled!

Useful Tips and Information

  • For better security, we recommend removing your phone number to stop receiving text messages (SMS) for login approvals. You can replace it by adding both a security key and Code Generator to your Facebook account.
  • Your security key can be used with other websites while also being used for your Facebook account.
  • Currently, you can’t use a security key to log into the Facebook App for Android or iOS.


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