• Latest version of Google Chrome browser.
  • GitHub account.
  • U2F Security Key, YubiKey 4, YubiKey 4 Nano, YubiKey 4C, YubiKey NEO, or other Yubico U2F-certified YubiKey.
  • One finger (the YubiKey button is a capacitive sensor not a biometric).

How to Set Up Two-factor Authentication with GitHub

  1. Obtain a U2F YubiKey.
  2. In your GitHub account, set up two-factor authentication. If you already have 2FA set up, skip to the next step. To set up 2FA, do the following:
  3. Set up your YubiKey for GitHub. In your GitHub account, do the following:
    • Click your profile photo and click Settings.
    • On the left side of the screen, click Security.
    • Click Edit, and enter your password if prompted.
    • Scroll down to the section for Security Keys and click Register New Device. Follow the instructions as prompted.
  4. Configure a backup 2FA with one or both of the following  (and don’t forget to keep your GitHub recovery codes in a safe place):
    • Fallback SMS number.
    • Recovery codes or Google Authenticator.

How to Use Two-factor Authentication with GitHub

  1. Log in with your user name and password.
  2. When prompted, insert your YubiKey and touch the blinking light. That’s it!
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