You must be running Google Chrome version 38 or later, or Opera version 40 or later. Both browsers include support for the U2F protocol.

To check version numbers:

  • For Google Chrome: In the Chrome toolbar, click the Chrome menu, then select About Google Chrome.
  • For Opera: In the Opera toolbar, click Menu, then select About Opera.

At this time, these are the only browsers supported. However, Mozilla is currently building support for U2F (although there are open source solutions available) and Microsoft is working within the FIDO Alliance to eventually bring support to Windows 10.

Dashlane is the first standalone application that is not browser-based. While Dashlane does offer browser plug-ins, the application itself does not require Chrome. Install Dashlane Premium on your computer, configure Dashlane to require YubiKey on logging in, and that’s it! For more information on how to install and use Dashlane, see the Dashlane Support Center.