YubiKey Product Sheets

Products Available Online
YubiKey 4 and YubiKey 4 Nano
YubiKey NEO
FIDO U2F Security Key
Products Available From Sales
YubiKey Edge and YubiKey Edge-n
YubiKey NEO-N
YubiKey Standard and Nano
YubiKey VIP

YubiKey User’s Guides

YubiKey Manual — Introduction to Use and Concepts
YubiKey NEO Manager Quick Start Guide
YubiKey VIP Unlock Guide
Configure YubiKeys with Identical Credentials in Challenge-Response – User Guide

YubiKey Configuration & Personalization

 Yubico Authenticator
 YubiKey Personalization Tool – User guide
 Multi-YubiKey Configuration Tool – User Guide

Using YubiKey PIV for Smart Card Login

 YubiKey PIV Deployment Guide
 YubiKey PIV Manager User’s Guide

Integration Guidelines

 YubiKey Mac OS X Login Guide
 YubiKey Authentication Module Design Guideline
 YubiKey FDE and Standalone/Offline Systems Integration Guideline
 YubiKey for Salesforce v2.3 Admin Guide
 Windows Login Tool & Configuration Guide
Programming YubiKeys for Okta Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication
OATH-HOTP: Yubico Best Practices Guide


YubiCloud Validation Service Description
Register your YubiKey with the YubiCloud – User Guide


 Basic YubiHSM Windows Monitor Utility Manual
 YubiHSM User Manual
 YubiHSM Security Advisory

API Documentation

 Windows Client API for YubiKey 2.2 – User Guide
 Windows Server API – User guide
 Windows COM/ActiveX Configuration API – User guide

Security and Reliability

 YubiKey Security Evaluation

Third-Party Documentation

 Configure YubiKeys with Identical Credentials in Challenge-Response – User Guide
 GnuPGP Installation, Key Generation & Decryption – User Guide