YubiKey Product Sheets

Products Available Online
YubiKey 4 and YubiKey 4 Nano
YubiKey NEO
FIDO U2F Security Key
Products Available From Sales
YubiKey Edge and YubiKey Edge-n
YubiKey NEO-N
YubiKey Standard and Nano

YubiKey User’s Guides

YubiKey Manual — Introduction to Use and Concepts
YubiKey NEO Manager Quick Start Guide
YubiKey VIP Unlock Guide
Configuring YubiKeys with Identical Credentials in Challenge-Response

YubiKey Configuration & Personalization

 Yubico Authenticator
 YubiKey Personalization Tool – User guide

Using YubiKey PIV for Smart Card Login

 YubiKey PIV Quick Start Guide
 YubiKey PIV Deployment Guide
 YubiKey PIV Manager User’s Guide
 Yubico PIV Tool Command Line Guide
 CSIS Enrollment Station Guide

Integration Guidelines

 YubiKey Mac OS X Login Guide
 Windows Login Tool & Configuration Guide
 YubiKey Authentication Module Design Guideline
 YubiKey FDE and Standalone/Offline Systems Integration Guideline
 YubiKey for Salesforce v2.3 Admin Guide
Programming YubiKeys for Okta Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication
OATH-HOTP: Yubico Best Practices Guide


YubiCloud Validation Service Description
YubiKey for YubiCloud Configuration Guide


 Basic YubiHSM Windows Monitor Utility Manual
 YubiHSM User Manual
 YubiHSM Security Advisory

API Documentation

 Windows Client API for YubiKey 2.2 – User Guide
 Windows Server API – User guide
 Windows COM/ActiveX Configuration API – User guide

Security and Reliability

 YubiKey Security Evaluation

Third-Party Documentation

 GnuPGP Installation, Key Generation & Decryption – User Guide