How to start your YubiKey

UPDATE: We have found that the iPads after iPad 3 (iPad 4, Air, etc) will not work properly with the YubiKey. This is due to changes in Apple firmware that we have no control of. As such if iPad support is critical for you, please consider options other than the YubiKey. If you have an iPad 3 and earlier, though, please feel free to follow the guide below.

Currently, the YubiKey has to be connected to the dock of the iPad using Apple’s Camera Connection kit which provides a standard USB port.

1. Insert your YubiKey in the Apple Camera Connection Kit with the USB-contact facing upward. Connect the Apple Camera Connection Kit with your iPad, wait until the green light in the touch button is steady, indicating that iPad has detected the device.

2. A dialog box appears the first time the YubiKey is plugged into the iPad, saying “The connected device is not supported”. Cancel the dialog by clicking “OK”.

3. Open Safari and browse to and touch the YubiKey entry field.

4. Place your fingertip on the touch button of the YubiKey, hold for a second, then release and the YubiKey will send your One-Time Passcode to the server. This procedure only needs to be done once for using the YubiKey on your iPad.