• white paper

    Introducing WebAuthn

    Enabling a streamlined and more secure user authentication experience

    Password-based authentication is popular but rife with problems, including poor security; susceptibility to phishing attacks; poor user experience; and needless complexity for IT organizations who have to assign, manage, and reset passwords, and users who have to remember, type, and vary passwords.

    WebAuthn, a new web authentication standard recently approved by the W3C, finally offers websites, services, and applications stronger multi-factor authentication that is also user-friendly, as well as the opportunity to move away from password-based authentication altogether.

    Read this Yubico white paper to learn:

    • How WebAuthn goes beyond the limitations of passwords while improving security and usability
    • Use cases for implementing WebAuthn to provide fast, easy, and secure authentication
    • How WebAuthn enables the creation of a portable root of trust