white paper

Best practices to secure government teleworkers with the YubiKey

A modern PIV/CAC alternative

Prior to 2020, government agencies relied on a perimeter security framework and teleworking was the exception, not the rule. Now thousands of employees who previously never worked from a remote location are currently doing so from geographically dispersed environments.

There is also a proliferation of personal technologies being used to connect to unclassified networks. The perimeter and end-points have dramatically shifted, and the threat to remote workers and the threat to information exchanged over their connections, has significantly increased.

Read this Yubico white paper to learn:

  • Why agencies should quickly adopt secure modern PIV/CAC alternatives
  • How the YubiKey works as a PIV/CAC alternative for highest-assurance authentication for remote workers
  • Best practices to secure remote workers against phishing and other cyber security threats with the YubiKey