Emerging Technology Horizon for Information Security

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People matter: How to solve security skills shortage challenges

The skills shortage in the security industry stretches as far back as we can remember having an industry. Everyone knows it’s a challenge with no easy short-term solutions. The root of the security skills shortage gap remains murky, and some observers say the pandemic and reallocations of security resources could be widening that gap. The ...

What is IP Spoofing?

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What is IAM (Identity and access management)?

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Doing the Math: Why strong authentication for every employee makes sense

By now, it’s an all-too-familiar routine… Step 1: Organization suffers an expensive and embarrassing security breach.  Step 2: Organization hastily introduces multi-factor authentication (or steps up its efforts to mandate its usage).  Oftentimes, it takes a breach to make organizations fully embrace strong authentication. But why? We know that usernames and passwords alone cannot provide sufficient security, and we know that SMS two-factor authentication (2FA) has been deprecated time ...