Core Static Password Features

  • Can include any combination of 16 to 64 characters and/or numbers
  • Changing the static key to randomly generate a new code can be achieved by a 10-second press of button, followed by 1 more press
  • Requires no back-end server integration, works with most legacy username/password solutions.
  • Does not provide the same high level of security as one-time passwords

Yubico recommends you use the YubiKey in static password mode for only part of your password. We recommend that you manually enter a simple and easy-to-remember first part of your password, then use the YubiKey to enter a strong second part of your password. For example, you can set your password to Sunny33rcltrcihbkkiulnveuenervidliliifv, where “Sunny33” is manually entered and “rcltrcihbkkiulnveuenervidliliifv” is stored in, and entered, by the YubiKey.


Programming the YubiKey with a Static Password from Yubico on Vimeo.