How It Works

The YubiKey has 2 “slots” for credentials. By default, we program slot 1 with a Yubico One-Time Password credential. The YubiKey personalization tools allow you to add a new credential to the second slot, or even overwrite the credential in slot 1.

If you have 50 or more YubiKeys, the YubiKey Personalization Tool is an excellent free solution.

For large volumes of YubiKeys, contact Yubico Sales.

Core Personalization Tools features

  • The tools support Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • Both for a single YubiKey and large volume personalization
  • Configure your YubiKey(s) to:
    • OATH
    • Challenge-Response
    • Static password
    • Standard Yubico OTP
  • Configure NDEF tag for YubiKey NEO

Where it can be used

The Personalization Tools can be used to configure any YubiKey to work with our different applications or your own solution. For example:

Password Management: Password Safe
Computer Login: Yubico Windows Login
Disk Encryption