Yubico provides the Yubico OTP Validation Server and the Yubico U2F Validation Server for developers looking to integrate the YubiKey functionality into an existing web site or service.

Included is the open source software with source code and tools for web API clients, validation servers, and libraries required. We offer the validation software as components for developers to integrate into any software or system. Note that these components are not packages, ready for deployment.

The YubiKey Validation Server (yubikey-val) is a server that validates Yubico One-Time Passwords (OTPs). It is written in PHP, for use behind web servers such as Apache. The Yubico OTP Validation Server requires a SQL database.

The Yubico U2F Validation Server (u2fval) is a server that provides U2F registration and authentication through a simple JSON-based REST API. The Yubico U2F Validation Server requires a SQL database.

YubiX is a stack of software that works together, letting you build your custom solution on top of it. It consists of many of Yubico’s software offerings plus third-party software, such as FreeRADIUS. YubiX is available as a Debian package installed under a Debian-based OS, and as a virtual appliance that’s ready-to-go immediately.