We provide all the software tools necessary to securely custom program YubiKeys from just a few devices to tens of thousands. You have the option of programming YubiKeys yourself at your own location or at one of our official locations, with no secrets ever touched or stored by Yubico. All YubiKeys purchased from the Yubico web store and Amazon are shipped pre-configured. Using our free software tools, you can reprogram your YubiKey 4, YubiKey 4 Nano, YubiKey 4C, and YubiKey NEO devices for different Yubico OTP, Smart Card (PIV), OATH-HOTP, Static Password, or Challenge-Response modes.

Or, you can request to have our team custom-program your Yubikeys for you, for an additional fee. For additional information on the options below or to place an order, contact us.

Program Your Own YubiKeys

Use the free YubiKey Personalization Tool to configure any YubiKey 4 or YubiKey NEO to work with different applications or your own custom solutions. The YubiKey Personalization Tool works on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac computers, and can be used to configure single or multiple YubiKeys.

Program Your YubiKeys at Yubico (Large Quantities)

Bring your own laptop and connect to our high-volume programming station to generate the configuration and OTP seeds for your YubiKeys. That way you, and only you, know and have complete control over your own secrets. Up to 10,000 keys can be programmed per hour. Our on-site team is available to help set up and facilitate key configuration.

YubiKeys Programmed for You

If you don’t want to program secrets on your YubiKeys yourself, you can choose to have us do it for you.

Limit YubiKey Features

For orders of 500 or more YubiKeys, we can limit the functions to provide an equivalent set of features to match legacy Yubico products such as YubiKey Standard, YubiKey Nano, YubiKey NEO-n, YubiKey VIP, YubiKey Edge, and YubiKey Edge-n. Features removed from the YubiKey in this way can’t be re-enabled.