Yubico Business Branding Services

Yubikeys can be configured and laser marked directly at the factory according to the customer’s specific requirements. Minimum volumes apply for customer orders. Contact sales for more information.

Logo Printing

YubiKeys are securely shipped in unique standardized trays, enabling businesses to easily customize their YubiKeys at a local screen printer or laser etching company.
Yubico is partnered with TechGraphics Solutions (formerly Worldwide Pens Direct) for professional custom printing on YubiKeys

TechGraphics Solutions

Custom Packaging

Businesses may order transparent plastic sleeves from Yubico to be used with their own corporate message and profile. These transparent plastic sleeves securely hold a YubiKey along with a quick start guide or corporate message.

Customized Colors of YubiKey

In larger quantities, the YubiKey can be supplied in many custom colors beyond the standard black. Please contact us for non-standard color fees and our design validation process. The minimum quantity needed for a custom color order is 5,000.