YubiKey Bio Preview Program

Frequently Asked Questions and Support Information
YubiKey Bio plugged into laptop

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I unblock my key?
  2. Why does my fingerprint not work anymore?
  3. How do I enroll more fingerprints?
  4. What happens when I reset my key?
  5. Can I use this with Windows Hello?
  6. What platforms are supported by the YubiKey Bio?

1. How do I unblock my key?

After 3 failed attempts to use biometrics your YubiKey Bio will block the biometric functionality due to security reasons. This is indicated by a constant slow flashing of the amber LED.

To unblock biometrics please use your security key PIN in the following steps.

1. Click this button
Unblock biometrics
2. Enter your security key PIN
3. Touch your key

2. Why does not my fingerprint work anymore?

Authenticating with fingerprint could be unavailable for a number of reasons.

  1. If the key is emitting a constant amber blinking light, see this question. How do I unblock my key?
  2. See the enrollment instructions to find the correct menu to manage fingerprints and make sure you have fingerprints enrolled.
  3. Wipe the sensor clean and ensure your hands are moisturized. Do not use any solvents or solutions.
  4. If any of the above does not resolve your issue, contact the preview program team.

3. How do I enroll more fingerprints

Windows 10:

1. Go to Windows Settings

3. Click on Security Key and Manage to add more fingerprints

macOS / Linux / ChromeOS:

To enroll additional fingerprints use Chrome settings: Settings -> Privacy and security -> Security -> Manager security keys OR paste the following link into your browser: chrome://settings/securityKeys

4. What happens when I reset my key?

Reset is a security feature to completely factory reset your key, which is recommended when you will return the key to Yubico. Once the key is successfully reset the following will happen:

  1. All FIDO2 (both resident credentials and non-resident credentials) will be removed and access with this key to enrolled services will no longer work
  2. The key will no longer be usable on the U2F sites it previously was enrolled to
  3. The security key PIN will be removed
  4. All stored fingerprints will be removed

5. Can I use this with Windows Hello?

Windows Hello is a login method where the biometric data is stored on the host, i.e. the Windows machine. The YubiKey Bio does not support this, however Microsoft has enabled the use of security keys (such as a YubiKey) to perform login to a Microsoft account if it is connected to an Azure Active Directory (AAD). See more information here.

6. What platforms are supported by the YubiKey Bio?

The YubiKey Bio works on most common browsers, though Yubico recommends Google Chrome, running on operating systems Windows 10, macOS (Catalina + BigSur), Ubuntu Linux and Chrome OS. Other browsers and operating systems might work too.

Support on mobiles are limited when it comes to fingerprint reading, in some cases the user will be requested for the PIN directly instead of being prompted for biometrics. Note that on mobiles the the physical contact has to be used (potentially with an adapter) as the YubiKey Bio does not have NFC capabilities.