Begin the Journey to Passwordless in the Enterprise

Get the Go Passwordless Starter Kit

Enable secure passwordless login today with Microsoft Azure AD public preview and YubiKey strong authentication.

Now organizations can enjoy a strong level of security all while delivering users a seamless passwordless login experience, with just a touch of the YubiKey.

With the multi-protocol YubiKey, organizations can secure their legacy systems while beginning the journey to passwordless.

Microsoft 365 customers are eligible to apply for a free Go Passwordless Starter Kit which includes two multi-protocol security keys – YubiKey 5 NFC and YubiKey 5C.

With this free Go Passwordless Starter Kit, your organization can:

  • Experience secure passwordless login to Windows 10 devices and Azure AD environments
  • Enhance security for sensitive corporate resources while keeping the user experience fast, easy and simple
  • Reduce the volume of calls to the IT helpdesk due to simplified account login

No more remembering passwords. Welcome to a passwordless future!

Limited to one (1) Starter Kit per organization. Applications for the Go Passwordless Starter Kit will be accepted until 11:59:59 PM PT on 10/31/2019 or while supplies last. Only organizations that meet the qualification requirements shall be eligible to receive a Go Passwordless Starter Kit. Shipping destinations are restricted to the eligible delivery locations listed in the online store.

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