Infineon RSA Key Generation Issue

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Automatic Verification of YubiKey Serial Number

In order to submit your request for a replacement YubiKey you must verify the serial # on your YubiKey. Automatic verification uses the original One Time Password (OTP) that is programmed into every YubiKey by Yubico (the first 12 characters of each OTP represent the YubiKey serial number). If this credential has been deleted or replaced with a user or 3rd party programmed Yubico OTP credential, this verification process will fail. If so, proceed by clicking on I want to verify manually.

Please use the following steps to verify your YubiKey.

  1. Insert your YubiKey into your computer.
  2. Select the text box
  3. Touch the YubiKey
  4. Repeat two more times
  5. Submit Verification


Yubico customers can request assistance from Yubico Support by filing a support ticket.

Yubico partners should contact Yubico Sales directly if they have questions related to this Security Advisory.

Any media or press enquiries should be directed to press@yubico.com.