Windows Software Engineer

Seattle, WA or Palo Alto, CA

Yubico seeks the next team member for our Engineering team: an experienced software developer with a deep knowledge of Windows and Windows networks with an eye for user experience and a passion for security.

You’ll be working on applications, drivers, and integrations that enable the more than a billion windows users worldwide to benefit from Yubico’s hardware security devices. Use your passion, insights, and technical skills to help us create a more trusted internet!

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Develop user friendly, cross-platform (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) desktop applications, server software, mobile apps, web services, and drivers
  • Create mockups, create prototypes, and refine your work based on user feedback, industry standards, and business needs
  • Design, propose, and build solutions to help Windows desktop, mobile, and server users – standalone or network bound – take advantage of numerous hardware backed key protocols and interfaces provided by our products: OTP, Challenge Response, PIV SmartCard, U2F, PGP Card, and HSM functionality

Skills & Experience:

  • Solid understanding of Windows network authentication systems. This should include Microsoft Certificate Services, cross-platform Kerberos interactions with MIT and/or Heimdal, Azure Active Directory Federation, X.509 Certificate extensions, and similar technologies
  • Experience with building user-facing applications (command line, GUI, mobile, web)
  • A strong focus on user experience and interaction design
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team – capable of taking initiative and also listening to and truly understanding others even across geographic boundaries
  • Experience with languages/technologies such as C#, C, C++, golang, Objective C, and Java
  • Experience building software for the Microsoft ecosystem
  • An interest in security and familiarity with cryptography
  • Experience with integrating/building open source software and the open source community
  • At least 8 years of experience working in the software industry

If this sounds interesting to you, and you have many/all of the skills listed, send your CV to