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Meet the YubiKey

The YubiKey is the strongest form of two-factor authentication (2FA, or commonly referred to as two-step verification in Google settings) you can use. It is a physical key to secure your online world, acting as an extra layer of protection to your accounts in addition to a username and password.

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Two Security Key C NFCs
One of each
Two Security Key NFCs
Yubico recommends a spare key – Why is a spare key so important?
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How it works

The Key to Trust

The YubiKey reinvented hardware authentication and is 100% purpose-built for security. The highest level of phishing defense, yet easy to use, the YubiKey is your
key to trust.

Purpose-built for security

Supporting multiple authentication protocols and available in a wide range of form factors, a single YubiKey protects your favorite apps and online services, while delivering the best user experience possible.

Customize your YubiKey with YubiStyles

Whether you are looking to add a little personality to your YubiKey through a YubiStyle cover or just want to keep track of your YubiKey Nano, show off your individuality with YubiStyle accessories.

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