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Work smarter, faster, and safer with YubiKeys and Google Cloud

  • YubiKeys are small USB devices used to speed up and simplify Google’s 2-Step Verification process without compromising security
  • With YubiKeys, your login is practically immune to phishing because you don’t have to enter a code yourself, and the hardware provides cryptographic proof that it’s in your machine
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Core Features

  • Secure: Prevents unauthorized access by requiring the physical presence of the key to login on that device
  • Easy to use: Plug it in and touch the gold button or edge; no codes to type or apps to install
  • Affordable: The same YubiKey can be used with nearly unlimited services, and prices starts at just US$18 per unit
  • Durable: Crushproof and water-resistant, no batteries or moving parts
  • Everywhere: Use it on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Chrome OS for Chromebooks
  • Convenient: Fits nicely on a keychain, in a wallet, or inside a USB port
  • Easy to set up: Users self-provision their YubiKey
  • Manufactured in USA and Sweden with security best practices

Compare YubiKeys to see which one is right for you.