The shipping costs depend on where you want your YubiKeys shipped and how many YubiKeys in your order. For most countries, there is a US$5 postage option for up to 3 YubiKeys.

US & Canada:
1-5 YubiKeys: US$5
> 5 YubiKeys: USPS tracked from US$15, FedEx, from US$40

Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia*:
1 – 3 YubiKeys: US$5
> 3 YubiKeys: DHL Express shipment, from US$20

Americas (except US & Canada):
1 YubiKey: US$5
2-10 YubiKeys: US$10
> 10 YubiKeys: USPS tracked from US$40, FedEx shipment, from US$85

Please contact sales before ordering. We may only ship to companies and they must supply a C/R code. DHL Express is the only service we offer.

Please note that VAT is charged on shipping and handling in European Union countries.

Please make sure your shipping address is correct. If a shipment fails to arrive due to an incorrectly entered shipping address**, the appropriate shipping fee will be re-charged before the order is re-shipped.

* We have disabled the $5-option without tracking for a few countries where we experienced a high rate of non-delivery. This is to ensure that you will receive your YubiKeys when you order them.
** As the shipment might take up to 6 weeks to arrive, please do not use an address that will not be valid at least for that time. We will not be responsible for unsuccessful deliveries in such cases.

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