Author: Alex Yakubov


Dec 4, 2017

Okta and Yubico partner to offer strong adaptive authentication

With the increasing frequency and scale of identity threats including phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks (MiTM), the best way to prevent a breach is to provide strong multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA is designed to protect against the range of attacks that rely on stealing user credentials. Organizations can use a variety of techniques, but all work


Nov 29, 2017

Privileged credentials—a privilege and a responsibility

When it comes to security, organizations have a lot of moving parts to consider. From mobile and desktop devices to servers, line-of-business applications, cloud storage, social media accounts, and more—these are all resources that can contain sensitive company information. Naturally, it’s important to minimize the security risk associated with these channels to help protect enterprise


Embracing the future of strong authentication with FIDO U2F

Centrify is a longtime Yubico partner, and together we bring two-factor authentication (2FA) and security to organizations and their global workforces. Today, we are excited to further enhance our joint partnership with Centrify’s commitment to support FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (FIDO U2F) within the Centrify platform. The platform’s upgraded security will be available on December


Layer up with Onion ID and the YubiKey

According to the 2017 Thales Data Threat Report, nearly two thirds (63%) of senior security executives polled indicated that their organizations deploy new technologies such as cloud, big data, IOT, and containers before having the security in place to protect them. With 88% feeling vulnerable to a cyberattack, organizations are now starting to shift their

Duo Security & Yubico partner to protect Facebook employees

Protecting your organization does not need to be complicated, frustrating or costly. The simple addition of strong authentication paired with seamless identity access management can significantly reduce security risks across an entire organization by making it simple to deploy and easy for employees to use. A recent collaboration between Yubico and Duo Security show us


Why email security is mission critical to FastMail

According to the Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report, gaining access to a user’s personal or professional data through a malicious email is a cyber criminal’s weapon of choice. While many users might consider that there is nothing worth taking inside their inbox, they are most likely overlooking how connected their email is to other


Ecosystem Showcase: Fast, flexible, and free open source identity management with Gluu and YubiKeys

Gluu: A Free, Open Source Identity Management Software Gluu was founded in 2009 to address challenges posed by an increasingly complex and proprietary web single sign-on (SSO) market. The Gluu Server was envisioned as a utility, open source platform that would enable more organizations to deliver a secure authentication service and identity management for free.


The key to DFARS/NIST Compliance

There are only 8 weeks left before the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) deadline, and now is the right time for US government contractors to secure Active Directory users. DFARS compliance was structured to protect unclassified US Department of Defense (DoD) information on a contractor’s internal information system from cyber incidents, and to minimize


Oct 17, 2017

Yubico Partners with Google’s Advanced Protection Program

Today, Google formally announced their Advanced Protection Program designed to safeguard the personal Google Accounts of those most at risk of targeted online attacks, including journalists, business leaders, and political campaign teams. Yubico has partnered with Google on this initiative as part of our ongoing commitment to working with people at risk including human rights


How Millions of Websites Can Eliminate Account Takeover from Phishing

Creating accounts online just got a whole lot easier. Now anyone can log in to or register a new account using their existing credentials from social networking services, such as Facebook and Google. With social logins, users won’t have to rack their brain for another password, saving time and securely authenticating their identity. Websites that