About LastPass

LastPass (www.LastPass.com) is the leading password and data management service, providing online users worldwide an easy, fast, and secure way to manage access to their digital life. It’s free to install on all browsers and computers, with Premium and Enterprise upgrades available for access to additional features and team-oriented tools. Founded in 2008, LastPass is privately held and based in Fairfax, VA.

“LastPass, when used in conjunction with the YubiKey, is a great combination for delivering simple and secure password management. A physical security token, that cannot be copied remotely, provides the best protection for online identities.”

Joe Siegrist, CEO and founder of LastPass



Password managers help users to easily manage longer passwords that are unique for every service. To ensure that hackers do not get access to the user’s list of unique passwords, LastPass offers their users the option to a variety of different two-factor authentication methods for logging in to the password vault.


LastPass integrated support for Yubico’s YubiCloud cloud validation service into their software. As YubiKeys bought from the Yubico Web Store come pre-programmed to work with YubiCloud and the services supporting it, users can simply purchase a YubiKey can associate it painlessly with their LastPass Premium account.


LastPass chose the YubiKey and the YubiCloud authentication service because of its ease of use, high security and low cost. Since implementation of the YubiCloud 2.0 in spring 2009, the service has had zero downtime. Support has been minimized with web-based user documentation, forum and how-to-videos. LastPass has also benefited from referral fees of YubiKeys sold on Yubico Web Store.