Yubico Customer MapYubico products secure access to computers, networks and online services for thousands of businesses and millions of users in 160 countries. Our customers range from consumers to developers, governments and global enterprises.

We are trusted by 9 of the top 10 internet companies, and 2 of the top 3 financial, retail, healthcare and research institutions globally.


Facebook is using the YubiKey 4 Nano for securing its own staff. In January 2017, Facebook made support for FIDO U2F for its entire user base (1.8 billion users).

“Facebook is a very fast paced environment and we needed technologies that would allow us to maintain that pace. Because of the ease of use of Duo Security and Yubico authentication technologies, we have seen minimal support and overhead costs. Other technologies, such as traditional OTP-based hardware tokens, smart cards, and biometrics didn’t fully support our need to allow multiple and rapid logins to SSH sessions.”
John “Four” Flynn, Information Security Manager, Facebook Inc., USA

“We’re excited to offer security keys as an additional option to make login to Facebook even more secure. We’re grateful to Yubico for the support and feedback they’ve provided.”
Brad Hill, Facebook Security Engineer.

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Google is using the YubiKey NEO for all employees, including FIDO U2F and the full range of other authentication protocols.

“We believe that by using this token we’ve raised the standard of security for our employees beyond what was commercially available. The token works with Google’s Web browser Chrome, and works very seamlessly for people in their day-to-day workflow here at Google.”
Mayank Upadhyay, Director of Security Engineering, Google Inc., USA

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Salesforce has selected the YubiKey as the next generation hardware authentication device to work directly with the world’s leading online CRM service, and YubiKeys are also used internally by Salesforce employees.

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CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, pioneers of the World Wide Web and one of the world’s leading scientific research centers, uses YubiKeys for securing critical services.

“The YubiKey meets all our requirements thanks to its simplicity of use, its open algorithm and the available open-source software support. Moreover, YubiKey require[s] no drivers, meaning that it is compatible with all our operating systems, which is a big advantage in a heterogeneous academic environment. The absence of a battery is yet another plus, limiting the maintenance costs to a strict minimum.”
Remi Mollon, Computer Security Analyst, CERN, Switzerland

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GitHub, the leading software developers’ community with 11 million global users and 27 million projects, has built U2F into their authentication system to protect GitHub’s millions of users and their volumes of sensitive data. They encourage developers to build U2F support into their own applications as well.

“U2F helps security by bringing a very user-friendly, easy-to-use device to end-users and developers and providing strong hardware-backed multi-factor authentication. …The YubiKey devices – they’re durable, they’re easy-to-use, they bring just very strong authentication to the user.”
Shawn Davenport, VP of Security, GitHub

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Headquartered in San Francisco, 500 million people around the world use Dropbox to work the way they want, on any device, wherever they go. More than 200,000 businesses use Dropbox Business. Secure access to Dropbox accounts with U2F-compliant YubiKeys.

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Iban First Logo


Ibanfirst is a platform specializing in multi-currency transactions with a Banking As A Service (BaaS) model. Ibanfirst provides an alternative to traditional banks, and has developed a number of financial services tailored to daily SMB operations. Ibanfirst simplifies the life of entrepreneurs by allowing them to easily handle financial operations at the best price so they can focus on their business.

“Since security is so strategic to our business, it was vital for us to incorporate the highest possible level of security into the IbanFirst services range. With the YubiKey, our users can now have complete peace of mind when carrying out all their financial operations”
Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier, CEO and founder of IbanFirst


Headquartered in Switzerland, Novartis is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, employing nearly 100,000 people worldwide. The company uses YubiKeys for securing access to a corporate web portal with Single Sign-On, from any computer and location.

Duke University

Duke University, one of the leading US Universities, is using YubiKeys for securing access to networks and services.

“The ease of securely authenticating into our systems, by touching the button on the YubiKey, was a driving force for the inclusion of YubiKeys as a part of our multifactor strategy.”
Richard Biever, Chief Information Security officer, Duke University, USA

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Freedom of the Press Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supporting public interest journalism through cutting-edge technical support, advocacy, and education.

“YubiKeys have become an integral part of the Freedom of the Press Foundation. From helping secure interoffice communications, to training journalists with varying degrees of technical savvy, YubiKeys have revolutionized how we advocate for, educate on, and soundly practice end-user digital security.”
Harlo Holmes, Director of Newsroom Digital Security, Freedom of the Press Foundation, New York

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A large, well-known, global financial services company, who has requested to remain anonymous for security reasons, looked to incorporate strong two-factor authentication to protect systems from being compromised and guard against potential data and financial losses. The first, limited rollout of the YubiKey saved the company an estimated US$12 million and was well-received by the company’s associates. A full rollout is planned.

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The ISC Project

The ISC Project works with civil society organizations and individuals all over the world who may not be very well versed in technology, but still rely on email communications for their work. Many of them have experienced hacking incidents or seen their email accessed by unauthorized users in other ways. Many of them have had their private information end up in the wrong hands and used to discredit their activism.

To address this issue, ISC Project introduced them to YubiKeys, which provide a very tangible and easy-to-understand solution to implementing two-factor authentication for their email accounts. YubiKey allows ISC Project partners to understand this verification process in practical terms.

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Founded in 1996, Claranet is one of Europe’s leading managed IT Services providers, offering enterprise cloud hosting and network services. Claranet has over 5,500 customers and an outstanding record for delivering high quality solutions across a wide range of industries. With over 1,000 employees, they are based in 18 offices across Europe.

“Using the YubiKey is fast and simple. High compatibility, long-term use and low costs of the YubiKey are very convincing.”
Maximilian Breig, Systems Engineer, Claranet GmbH, Germany

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Telemotive is a renowned automotive supplier, both for technological products and for engineering services. The strength of the two business areas and their interconnectedness are unique. Since 2016 the company is part of the global automotive supplier Magna International and belongs to the Magna Steyr group.

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As a non-profit organization, the Swiss Travel Fund REKA is one of the most important tourist enterprises in Switzerland. Specializing in tourism and finance, REKA has earned a high level of credibility in its industry.

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Mailbox.org is a German e-mail service provider with a focus on security and data protection, offering two-factor-authentication with YubiKey for log-on to their webmailer and cloud-office.

Find out more about YubiKey and Mailbox.org at Mtrix.de


Case4de has a proven and refined track record in more than 500 projects over 25 years. Their customers are located across Europe and North America. The company’s core business is specifically tailored to meet the needs of OEMs in the mass-transit industry as they pertain to the precision, computer-aided design of systems, and the fault-free fit of components.

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EXASOL helps enterprises optimize, driving profits by analyzing data and information at unprecedented speeds. The company develops in-memory database systems for analytics and data warehousing and offers first-class expertise in data insight and analytics.

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Swansea University

Swansea University in Wales, Swansea, is a public university with nearly 15,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students.

A major project owned by the medical school is called SAIL Databank (Secure Anonymised Information Linkage Databank), a world-class, anonymous data linkage system that securely brings together the widest possible array of routinely-collected data for research, development and evaluation – over a billion database rows of data.  Sessions to the SAIL Databank are protected with username/password and a YubiKey as a second factor.

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Code Enigma

Code Enigma is one of the leading Drupal specialist companies in Europe. Operating since 2010, and with an expert team spread around the world, Code Enigma offers a full project lifecycle of services.

Code Enigma uses YubiKeys in two ways, the first is using the Yubico OTP technology (a YubiOTP Credential) and the second is to provide an alternative to Google Authenticator for their staff, especially if they don’t want to use their personal cell phones for work.

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Luther Burbank NJROTC

Luther Burbank High School is located in Sacramento, California and is part of the Sacramento City Unified School District.  Three years ago the school’s Navy Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (NJROTC) took a strong interest in cybersecurity with the assistance of the CyberPatriot Program.

In March, 2015, cadets were introduced to strong two-factor authentication with the YubiKey.

“When we took out some YubiKeys and set them up on Gmail accounts, the cadets were speechless with the simplicity of registration and single touch authentication.”

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ZorgSaam provides hospital care, ambulance services, home care and elderly care and is one of the largest employers in Zeeland, Netherlands.

ZorgSaam chose the YubiKey after turning away from RSA tokens and dismissing the UZI-pas, a multi-purpose smart card token used by some medical personnel in the Netherlands. The YubiKey passed all of ZorgSaam’s testing to become the default means for strong authentication. With the YubiKey, ZorgSaam IT likes its ruggedness, lack of battery and moving parts, and its ease-of-use.

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Department of Defense

Leading U.S. Department of Defense organizations use YubiKey, YubiRADIUS and YubiHSM for authenticating staff remotely and protecting cryptographic secrets on servers. The high security requirements validates Yubico’s best practice security processes.

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Swedish municipalities

Swedish municipalities and schools use YubiKey to protect the online identity for staff and students.

“We have made significant cost savings, eliminated all administration using Google’s services, while providing superior online identity protection of our staff and students.”
Torbjörn Lundström, IT administrator, Arlandagymnasiet, Sweden


Agfa, the international imaging and medical equipment company, uses the YubiKey for corporate remote access.

“Apart from lower token hardware cost, Agfa also expects the support cost to be greatly reduced.”
Erik Ruwalder, Agfa ICS Organization, Belgium

London 2012 Ceremonies

London 2012 Ceremonies Ltd, was set up to produce the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The company used Yubikeys for securing access to critical IT-applications.

Turkey Government

The YubiKey is used throughout the Turkey e-government, including Customs and Social Agency.

“The Nordic Edge solution combined with YubiKeys has many advantages. It is easy to roll out, easy to use, scalable and very flexible with its many ways to authenticate users.”
Umut Yesilirmak, IT Security Manager, General Directorate of Social Assistance and Solidarity, Turkey

US Fire Departments

Santa Clara County Fire Department and fire fighters use YubiKey for fast and secure computer access.

“The YubiKey is much quicker and easier to remember than a manual entry of a password in an emergency situation.”
Jim Swanson, Fire Captain, Santa Clara County Fire Department, USA


One of the leading energy companies in the Netherlands, enable their customers to securely authenticate large amounts of online orders with YubiKeys.


The vacuum cleaner innovator, has made a successful integration of the YubiKey.

“It took 20 minutes and 11 lines of code to integrate the YubiKey with our internal intranet based password management system.”
Matt Morgans, Global IT Security Manager, Dyson Ltd, UK.


IT services, network and communications provider to more than 150,000 businesses and over one million consumers in USA. The company is a Yubico customer.

Portugal Telecom

The leading Internet service provider and web portal in Portugal and Brazil is using YubiKey for staff end users.

“Through this partnership, we were able to provide our users with a thorough understanding of two-factor authentication with YubiKey.”
Abílio Martins, Board Member, Portugal Telecom, Brasil, S.A.


Boral Limited has an existing Juniper SA remote access platform and converted their RSA Two-Factor Authentication solution to Mi-Token utilizing the YubiKeys as the token form factor. Boral staff can now login securely with YubiKeys and significant cost savings.

Ubuntu & Canonical

The leading open source community and sponsor company use YubiKey

“We use the YubiKey, configured for OATH, as one of multiple authentication methods. The YubiKey is our preferred choice for our users and support staff, as it quicker and easier to use, in particular for systems requiring frequent authentication.”
Ricardo Kirkner, Account Services Team Manager, Canonical Ltd, UK

Lerum Municipality

Lerum Municipality choose YubiKey to meet Government Requirements for Online Identity Protection.

“We choose the YubiKey as it offers great security, is very robust and easy for children to use. We also highly appreciate that it works well on iPads and tablet computers as well.”
Anna Mybeck, ICT Coordinator Lerum Municipality, Sweden


A public transportation provider in Oregon has replaced their legacy authentication solution with the YubiKey.

“YubiKeys are easy to use, appear to be extremely durable, and I appreciate the extra security of being able to program them with your own secret key.”
Michael Crino, Network Communications Systems Engineer, TriMet, USA

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Goldsworth Primary School

UK school using YubiKey Authentication for easy and cost-effective VPN connectivity.

“Staff and teachers at Goldsworth Primary School love the ease of use and increased productivity they have obtained from their secure VPN connection with the YubiKey.”
Jo Barber, IT Technician, Goldsworth Primary School, UK

Murphy Bank

The local bank in California secures access to networks and services with YubiKey.

“Murphy Bank needed a way to add two-factor authentication to the Oracle Portal. We ordered YubiKeys and wrote a small API that could be added to any Portlet.”
M. Mikkelsen, Senior Software Developer, Murphy Bank, USA

Auckland University

University staff uses YubiKey for securing access to networks and services.


The leading marketplace for access to money managers, is using YubiKeys for secure single sign-on.

“With OneLogin and YubiKey, we are able to login securely to all our corporate applications as well as thousands of online services with one password and a simple click of a button.”
Pascal-Louis Perez, CTO, Wealthfront, Inc., USA


A leading cloud server management application, has integrated YubiKey for securing own staff and customers.

“The reasons for choosing YubiKey was that it’s secure – technical specifications are open.  It’s portable – most of our employees carry it around on a key chain. And it’s easy to use – you don’t need to have any extra software installed.”
Robert Hrdinsky, Community Manager, Cloudkick, USA


The IT solution company with over 800 eNerds in 9 countries uses YubiKeys for access to company services.

“The YubiKey is truly making multi-factor authentication economical and practical for everybody from small and medium enterprises through to large corporate environments.”
David Redekop, co-founder, Nerds on Site, Canada


The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research is a non-profit consortium of North American universities supporting atmospheric science. The consortium has successfully deployed YubiKeys to its community members.


eCommerce solutions provider, uses YubiKey to secure access to their systems and  maintain PCI compliance.

“We needed to meet the highest level of PCI compliance requirements. Of all solutions evaluated, the YubiKey was by far the most robust, easy and cost-efficient solution to integrate.”
Sean Cook, CEO ShopVisible, USA

Hacktive Security

Hacktive Security is a vendor-independent security consulting company that provides top-quality services in the information and communication technology field. The company operates in markets such as telecommunications, finance, insurance, manufacturing, education, and government.

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