YubiKey Overview

YubiKey Technical Manual
VIP YubiKey Unlock Guide


 YubiCloud Validation Service Description
 AES Key Upload – User Guide

Integration Guidelines

 YubiKey Authentication Module Design Guideline
 YubiKey FDE and Standalone/Offline Systems Integration Guideline


 Windows Client API for YubiKey 2.2 – User Guide


 Windows Server API – User guide


 YubiHSM Reference Manual
 Basic YubiHSM Windows Monitor Utility Manual
 YubiHSM Security Advisory


 YubiRADIUS Deployment Guide for Corporate Remote Access
 Configuration Guide for Yubico YubiRADIUS Virtual Appliance Image
 Replace Legacy TFA with YubiRADIUS for Corporate Access
 YubiRADIUS Validation Protocol


 Cross Platform YubiKey Personalization Tool – User guide
 YubiKey Configuration Utility for Windows – User Guide
 Multi-YubiKey Configuration Tool – User Guide
 Yubikey Programming Station Manual
 Windows COM/ActiveX Configuration API – User guide
 Configure YubiKeys with Identical Credentials in Challenge-Response – User Guide

Security and Reliability

 YubiKey Security Evaluation

ROI – Cost Comparison

 Cost Comparison


 YubiSupport Terms & Conditions

Marketing material

 Yubico One-pager 2012

Third party

 Disk Encryption with YubiKey and TrueCrypt
 Implement YubiKey with Gmail – User Guide
 Configure YubiKeys with Identical Credentials in Challenge-Response – User Guide
 Configure Netmotion with YubiRADIUS – User Guide