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Free online YubiKey revoke service, prevents potential misuse of YubiKeys in case they are lost or stolen.

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UPDATE: The YubiRevoke service will be decommissioned on 1st October 2014. For more information, please head here.

Core YubiRevoke features

    • Customer admin account access for all YubiKeys
    • Provisioning one or more admin YubiKeys to manage the YubiRevoke customer admin account
    • Allows for the enabling/disabling of YubiCloud credentials in case YubiKeys are lost or stolen giving a central point of control irrespective of how many services in use
    • User administrative control of the YubiRevoke service password
    • User control of the email address assigned for YubiRevoke service

    Please note:
    YubiRevoke is NOT available for VIP YubiKeys or YubiKeys that have been re-programmed with non-YubiCloud credentials.

Create an Account

Create a YubiRevoke Account here:


How it works

By default, standard YubiKeys from our web store are delivered with a YubiCloud identity. The YubiCloud is Yubico’s validation service. As part of the YubiCloud, the YubiRevoke service allows you to mark a particular YubiKey as being revoked from the YubiCloud service, for example, if is lost, in such a way that any service that tries to validate a revoked key will fail.

Where it can be used

YubiRevoke can be used with all applications validating against YubiCloud. For example:

Content Management Systems

Please note: It is important to register your YubiKeys at YubiRevoke in advance, as you will need the actual YubiKey in order to register it with the service.