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Configure your YubiKey to generate OTPs to work seamlessly with the OATH ecosystems.

Get a YubiKey

Core OATH features

    • Open Authentication (OATH) is an open standard introduced by VeriSign and designed to enable strong authentication for devices from multiple vendors.
    • Configure the YubiKey to generate event-based 6- or 8 digit One-Time Passwords.
    • Configure to automatically generate an OATH token Identification string.

How it works

Compared to OATH LCD tokens, the YubiKey is convenient sized, robust and does not require any batteries. With the USB connection, the OTP and optional identifier is automatically inserted in the OTP and identification fields.

How to program a YubiKey for OATH (video)
Environment for testing against a web service
YubiKey Configuration

Where it can be used

Yubico do not provide any OATH back-end software or service, but welcomes our customers to contact the range of software providers supporting OATH tokens. These can be found here:

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