What happens if I lose my YubiKey?

You can disable your YubiKey if it is lost or stolen. For security reasons, no two YubiKeys are manufactured with identical configurations.

Yubico recommends customers create a personal YubiRevoke account and enroll their YubiKeys in the service as soon as the keys are received. The YubiRevoke service prevents potential misuse of your YubiKey(s) in case they are lost. The service provides users with the option to disable registered YubiKey(s) in the event they are lost or stolen, as well as re-enable YubiKeys if they are found later.

If you are using your YubiKey with a service and/or application, the policy for lost or stolen YubiKeys depends on how the service/application deals with the situation. For instance, the LastPass Premium subscription allows users to configure up to 5 YubiKeys with a LastPass account, so they can continue to log in using other keys if one is lost. Read more on LastPass what happens if you lose your YubiKey.

Applications/services may also provide other mechanisms for users/administrators to assign a new YubiKey in the case the user lost his/her original key. Please inquire directly to applications or services supporting the YubiKey on their policies.

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